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Quality control


At Noor Hazelnut, production and products are constantly monitored in order to ensure high quality standards at every stage, from purchasing raw materials to shipping the final product. In each production process, laboratory products, the working conditions of the workers, and the general hygiene conditions of the facility are monitored in terms of their compliance with the standards determined by various national and international documents and certificates.



Noor Hazelnut, which has its own control laboratories, can perform high-standard chemical, toxic, microbiological, organoleptic (sensory) and physical analyzes on both purchased raw materials and final products being processed. The presence of international analysis methods in all technological equipment is confirmed.

Noor Fındık's Quality Laboratories periodically participates in national and international Proficiency Exam programs and compares laboratory tests.

With the registration system we have, both the raw material to the final product and the final product to the raw material can be fully traced.

Our laboratory units;

  • Incoming Sample Recording Unit

  • Sample Preparation Unit

  • Physical and Sensory Analysis Laboratory

  • Chemical Analysis Laboratory

  • Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

  • Aflatoxin Analysis Laboratory

  • Reporting Unit

management systems


Management Systems implemented in NOOR FINDIK company; ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE ESMA SERHAT HANIM CADDESİ NO :13 GİRESUN/TÜRKİYE, covers the production, packaging and shipment of Natural Hazelnut, Roasted Hazelnut, Blanched Hazelnut, Chopped Hazelnut, Sliced Hazelnut, Hazelnut Puree, Hazelnut Flour.

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