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In order to ensure the highest standards of quality, all production and products are continuously monitored at each step, starting from procurement of raw material until shipment of final product. Our quality team also monitors and evaluates conformity to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the highest levels of food safety before, during and after production.



Our state of the art laboratory is housed in an area of 407 square meters. The units in Noor Findik’s laboratory include a 

  • Sample Admission Unit

  • Physical and Organoleptic Analysis Unit

  • Chemical Analysis Unit

  • Microbiological Analysis Unit

  • Aflatoxin Analysis Unit

  • Reporting Unit

Our quality control policies and practices are regularly audited and verified by internationally accredited and recognized bodies.

Quality Policy

  • Customer satisfaction is paramount

  • Ensure sustainability and traceability from garden to customer

  • Monitor, evaluate and implement the latest technological and scientific developments in order to ensure the highest levels of product quality and food safety 

  • Be good stewards of our society and environment by respecting human rights and implementing environmentally sustainable practices

  • Carry out all aspects of Noor Findik’s business in compliance with national and international regulations

  • Produce the safest, highest quality products 

Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At Noor Fındık we strive to

  • Exceed industry standards for environmental, occupational health and safety

  • Ensure safety and healthy labor conditions

  • Prevent occupational accidents

  • Prevent pollution at its source and reducewaste

  • Protect the environment

  • Use natural resources efficiently

  • Ensure continuous improvement in our environmental, occupational health and safety policies and practices

Our Certificates

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