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Certificate Support

Within the scope of contracted agriculture, the annual GLOBALG.A.P certificate fee of the farmers who are members of the Keşap Hazelnut Producers Association is covered by our company.


Contracted Agriculture

Within the scope of the 5-year contract signed with the Keşap Hazelnut Producers Association in 2011, an annual average of 800 tons of in-shell hazelnuts grown on 270 hectares of lands of the union member farmers are purchased by our company with a cash price, with a 4% difference above the free market prices.


Model Garden

Hazelnut varieties grown in the region have been planted in an area of 2500 m2 in our factory land. Many agricultural practices such as pruning, fertilizing and spraying in this garden are shown to the regional farmers, especially the members of the keşap Hazelnut Producers Association, by the technical trainers on time and in place.

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