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Our corporate headquarters and state of the art processing plant are located in Giresun, Turkey, the source of the world’s finest hazelnuts. Our facilities occupy over 25.000 square meters, including a climate-controlled warehouse, processing plant, offices and a hazelnut education center.. With a world class facility, our integrated hazelnut processing plant meets the highest international standards for food testing, handling and processing. We take great care to ensure that our products meet the exact specifications of our customers and have implemented an industry leading integrated management system to control every aspect of our process.


Processing Lines

There are 8 processing lines in Noor Findik’s integrated processing plant.

  • Feeding Line

  • Whole Natural Hazelnut Selecting/Cleaning Line

  • Roasting Line

  • Chopped Hazelnut Line

  • Paste Line

  • Meal Line

  • Sliced Hazelnut Line

  • Packaging Line

Climate Controlled Warehouse

Raw materials are stored in our dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse. Noor Findik’s climate-controlled warehouse can store 3500 tonnes of hazelnuts.

Inshell Hazelnut Storage

Noor Findik has an additional warehouse dedicated to the storage of up to 1250 tonnes of inshell hazelnut.  Storage of inshell hazelnuts allows us to keep adequate stock on hand for any customer need.    

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